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TOF 3D distance measurement unit

By combining TOF(Time Of Flight) 3D distance measurement sensor with a unique optical system, we offer suitable sensing for various scenes.

Characteristics of TOF sensors

・Simultaneous acquisition of distance information for the target area
・Simultaneous acquisition of distance information and Ir images
・Active light emission enables measurement in dark places

About our TOF sensor unit

・Embedded sensor unit for industrial equipment
・Interface  MIPI/USB3.0 (by MIPI → USB conversion board)
・Refer to the table below for specifications.
・An evaluation kit (with viewer software) is available for consideration.

Contents of the evaluation kit

TOF sensor unit + MIPI/USB3.0 conversion board + viewer software
Evaluation kit price: 150,000 yen (excluding tax)

Main Specifications

* Due to product improvements, etc., the items listed may be changed without prior notice.

External view

Main application

Face recognition system, YOLO, collaborative robot, people counting, monitoring at nursing care site, size selection, etc.