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Swissbit SD card
(for industrial)

Swissbit protects secure data storage and its authenticity. As a leader in industrial storage and embedded IoT solutions, we develop products specialized for IoT and industrial applications that create a more comfortable and safe society.

Product lineup

SD card: S-600 series (SLC) / S-50 series (3D TLC) / S-56 series (3D PSLC) / S-58 series (3D PSLC)

Micro SD card: S-600μ series (SLC) / S-50μ series (3D TLC) / S-56μ series (3D PSLC) / S-58μ series (3D PSLC)


1Shock and vibration countermeasure design

COB (chip on board) mounting and epoxy sealing protect all mounted components such as NAND flash, controllers, and passive components.
It is designed with emphasis on high stability and durability, such as enhanced moisture resistance, enhanced torque bending resistance, prevention of solder defects from external pressure, and ESD countermeasures.
In addition, the gold plating thickness of the connector is 8 μm, preventing deterioration over time due to corrosion and achieving 20,000 insertion/removal cycles.

2Long-term supply guarantee

Products that can be fixed for a long period of time will effectively reduce TCO in terms of costs such as re-evaluation.
Designed with a focus on long-term supply assurance, the built-in NAND flash memory is cooperating with the manufacturer for long-term supply.
Change management (PCN: 3 months ago, EOL: 6 months ago) is thoroughly implemented, and all installed parts and FW revision information are managed within the product model number.

3Data care management

Maintain reliability, data retention, and eliminate the effects of degradation.
Swissbit products reliably protect flash-stored data.
In addition, Read Retry, Near Miss ECC, Autonomous Read Refresh, etc. reduce the risk of error occurrence.

4Supports the required temperature range for industrial applications

Highly reliable design that operates reliably in system temperature environments of -40°C to +85°C.
Carefully selected industrial grade parts with temperature expansion specifications Wide temperature operation test is carried out.

5Comprehensive testing process

At Swissbit, functional testing is included in the manufacturing process, testing all products, all numbers, and all areas of NAND flash.

6WAF reduction

With page-based FW block management and effective components, even MLCs with short lifespans can reduce WAFs and achieve long lifespans.

7Power interruption prevention function, recovery function

Advanced hardware construction and precise firmware processing reliably protect system management information and user area data even in the event of an unexpected power supply problem.
Data is protected even if the power is interrupted during writing, and the normal state is maintained by data repair processing when the power is restored.

8FW field update

This is a program provided when a FW update is required to improve compatibility with a new host. FW can be updated in the field and protected from power failure during update.

9 Life Time Monitoring

Check and monitor device status to predict detailed lifespan and error symptoms to prevent unexpected data loss.
This function using the extended smart function can grasp the state of the built-in flash memory on the device.

10FAE/technical support and partnership

At Swissbit, we place emphasis on deploying engineers at each location and responding to local users in the local language and culture.
We focus on availability and maintainability considering the life cycle of the system, prevention of new quality problems, sufficient evaluation period for successor models, and management to ensure a smooth transition and contribute to the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the installed system.

Swissbit Introduction Video